Semi Solid Molding (SSM)

Specially prepared metal slugs are gradually heated to a semi-solid state, then transferred to the forming machine, where a ram injects (squeezes), under pressure, the metal into the die. Once solid, the die opens and the part is ejected.

Aluminum, magnesium, and some copper alloys.

Size Range:
Ounces to about 1 pound, limited to a diameter of feed stock.
Some SSM Houses can produce parts up to 15-20 pounds.

Equivalent to or superior to high pressure die casting tolerances.

Tooling Cost:
Hard steel tooling equivalent to miniature die cast in cost and complexity.

Surface Finish:
Finish: 32-63 RMS

Minimum Draft Requirements:
1/4° Preferred, 1/2° possible based on applicaton.

Normal Minimum Section Thickness:

Ordering Quantities:
2,500 and up (usually 50,000 pieces and up).

Normal Lead Time:
Samples: 10-18 weeks.

6-8 weeks A.S.A.