Die Castings

Molten metal is injected, under pressure, into hardened steel dies, often water cooled. Dies are opened, and castings are ejected.


Aluminum, Zinc, Magnesium, and limited Brass.

Size Range:

Not normally over 2 feet square. Some foundries capable of larger sizes.


Al and Mg ± .002″/in.
Zinc ± .0015″/in.
Brass ± .005″/in.
Add ± .001″ to ± .015″ across parting line depending on size.

Surface Finish:


Minimum Draft Requirements:

Al & Mg: 1° to 3°
Zinc: 1/2° to 2°
Brass: 2° to 5°

Normal Minimum Section Thickness:

Al: .03″ Small Parts: .06″ Medium Parts
Mg: .03″ Small Parts: .045″ Medium Parts
Zinc: .025″ Small Parts: .040″ Medium Parts

Ordering Quantities:

Usually 2,500 and up.

Normal Lead Time:

Samples: 12-20 weeks.


4-8 weeks A.S.A.