Permanent Mold Castings

Molten metal is gravity poured into cast iron molds, or graphite molds coated with a ceramic mold wash. Cores can be metal, sand, sand shell, or other. Molds open and castings are ejected. The Low Pressure Permanent Mold method pressure-pours up to 15 p.s.i.

Aluminum, Zinc, some Brass, Bronze, H.C. Copper, Lead and Gray Iron.

Size Range:
Limitation mainly foundry capabilities. Aluminum and Copper base: ounces to 100 lbs. Ferrous: 60 lbs. max.

Aluminum: Basic ± .015″
Add ± .002″/in.
If across parting line add
± .010″ to ± .030″ depending on size
Copper Base: Similar to Investment
Iron: ± .03″ Basic.

Surface Finish:
Aluminum: 150-250RMS
Copper Base: 125-200RMS
Ferrous: 200-350RMS

Minimum Draft Requirements:
Outside: 2° Min (3° desirable)
Inside: 2° Min (4° desirable)
Ferrous: Outside: 1° Inside: 5°

Normal Minimum Section Thickness:
Aluminum: .100″ for small areas, up to 3/16″ or more for large areas.
Copper Base: .060″
Ferrous: 3/16″ for small areas, 1/4″ normal.

Ordering Quantities:
Minimum one day’s run: (100-1,000 depending on size).

Normal Lead Time:
Samples: 8-20 weeks.

4-8 weeks A.S.A.