Sand Castings

Tempered sand is packed onto wood or metal pattern halves, removed from the pattern, and assembled with or without cores, and metal is poured into resultant cavities. Various core materials can be used. Molds are broken to remove castings. Specialized binders now in use can improve tolerances and surface finish.

Most castable metals.

Size Range:
Limitation depends on foundry capabilities. Ounces to many tons.

Non-Ferrous ± 1/32″ to 6″.
Add ± .003″ for each additional inch.
Ferrous: ± 1/32″ to 3″, ± 3/64″ from 3″ to 6″.
Across parting line add ± .020″ to ± .090″ depending on size (Assumes metal patterns)

Surface Finish:
Non-Ferrous: 150-350RMS
Ferrous: 300-700RMS

Minimum Draft Requirements:
1° to 5°
Cores: 1° to 1½ °

Normal Minimum Section Thickness:
Non-Ferrous: 1/8″-1/4″
Ferrous: 1/4″-3/8″

Ordering Quantities:
All quantities

Normal Lead Time:
Samples: 2-10 weeks.

Production: 2-4 weeks A.S.A.