Principal List

Companies/Casting Types

Talbot Associates, Inc. can help you meet your specific type of casting need. Below is a list of companies and the type of castings they produce:

* Aero Metals: Investment Castings
Ferrous & Non-Ferrous (Beryllium Copper)

* AFW Foundry, Inc.: Sand Castings
Aluminum and Copper Base

* Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing: Plaster Mold Castings
Aluminum, Zinc

* Aurora Metals Division: Perm-Mold, Vacuum Die Castings
Brass and Bronze

* CASTINGPAR, S.A.: Investment, Rammed Graphite
Titanium, Zirconium

* Chicago White Metal Casting, Inc.: Die Castings
Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc

* Graphicast, Inc.: Graphite Mold
Aluminum, Zinc

* Talladega Foundry and Machine: Sand Castings
Gray and Ductile Iron

* Temperform Corporation: Sand Castings
Stainless and High Alloy

* Watry Industries, Inc.: Perm-Mold & Semi-Perm Mold

* Premier Aluminum: Permanent Mold and Semi-Permanent Mold

Companies/Other Processes

In addition, Talbot Associates, Inc. also offers several types of other processes:

* GV Stamperie SPA: Forgings
Brass and Copper

* Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Company: Stampings
Short to Medium Run

* Hudson Technologies: Deep Drawn Metal Enclosures
All Metals

* Dawson Metal Company, Inc.: Close Tolerance Sheet Metal Fabrications
All Metals

* Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing: Prototype & Short Run Plastics
R.I.M., Cast Urethanes, Injection Molding