Plaster Mold Castings

Plaster slurry is poured onto pattern halves, allowed to set, then mold is removed from pattern, baked, assembled, and metal is poured into resultant cavity. Molds are broken to remove castings.

Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Zinc, Beryllium Copper.

Size Range:
Normally up to 500 square inch area. Some foundries capable of going much larger.

One side of parting line ± .005″ up to 2″.
Over 2″ add ± .002″/in.
Across parting line add ± .010″.

Surface Finish:

Minimum Draft Requirements:
External: 0° to 1/2°
Internal: 1/2º to 2°

Normal Minimum Section Thickness:

Ordering Quantities:
Usually low. Often used to prototype for die castings. Average 50 to 250 pieces.

Normal Lead Time:
Samples: 2-6 weeks.

2-4 weeks A.S.A.